Your Australian Listing Can Now Appear On eBay UK Search Results

eBay are always looking for new ways to generate income and this time they are helping you as a seller too. As of October, if you have a Fixed Price listing and you offer to ship to the UK or to the world, your listing will automatically appear in the Uk eBay search results.

How cool is that?

What this means is that you can now immediately access another 17 million people…yep nearly the whole population of Australia…simply by ticking the box to ship worldwide. The great news is that the flow on affects could be enormous. Imagine you now have the possibility have getting extra potential shoppers looking at your listings for no extra cost.

The pitfall to look out for would be to make sure you are on top of your correct shipping options and cost’s and also making sure you are aware of the time differences when selling into another market. Remember, it’s all about communicating with your customers and making sure they understand distance and timing. Another thing to be aware of is potential customs duties at their end. Ideally you want to make sure you avoid the customer having to pay import duties on your items as they could be unaware of this and that it could cost them extra money if not sent correctly.

There you have it…even more ways to make money on the worlds largest sales platform!

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