Why Do We Teach People How To Sell On eBay…Read This Email Below…

Sometimes we get the question…”If you are making enough money on eBay, why do you go out and share your ideas with other people and teach all of your tips and secrets?”

That’s a great question and my answer to that is that once you get beyond survival (this means worrying about your day to day bills) and you have the ability to do what you truly want with your life, you have the ability to live with a greater purpose, and it’s not always about making money.

Every week we get emails and videos from people who have been able to use our programs and create the life they too have been looking for, and we’ve been able to help them achieve it with our eBay training.

Please read the email below we received from Amy and see how she has been able to make the transition into becoming a full time eBay professional. Well done Amy & Shane!

This is why we do it and what drives us every day to do it even better!!!

Hi Matt and Amanda, Rachelle and the Bidding Buzz Team,

Shane and I bought the Deluxe Ebay Magic Course back in December, 2009. We got off to a slow start but attended your ‘Zero To A Million And Beyond’ Workshop in March 2010 and it has been all systems go since then. I have found numerous Hot Products from local suppliers and have just completed a few imports from China and they have been easy and very successful imports. Our eBay business is going very strong and continuously growing.

Our sales our now up to $16500 montly and it keeps increasing and increasing!

In November last year we procrastinated about buying the Ebay Magic Course for days. Finally we decided to buy it because I desperately wanted a change of lifestyle. It has been the best decision of my life. I am now able to work from home and choose the hours I would like to work. We can go on more holidays and we can have weekends off together.

From the bottom of my heart thankyou so much Matt and Amanda for the opportunity you have given us to live the lifestyle we have always wanted. Thanks so much Rachelle for always being there with any questions we may have. I can’t thank you enough you have been amazing. We wouldn’t have progressed this far without all your help.

We look forward to more success!
Thanks so much.
Amy and Shane

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