Why Adding Video To Your eBay Listing Can Double Your Profits…

If you’re a seller on eBay you should always be looking for ways to upgrade and improve your listing so you stand above your competition. One of the ways you can do this is by adding a product video to your listing to demonstrate how to use your item and as a point of difference when none of your competition is!

Video can help you tell an engaging story about your item, show how it works, and share information more effectively than still images and text.

Before you add videos to your listings, make sure you are not using a hosting software that people will click on and send them away from eBay.

Here are some tips for effective videos in your listings:

Tell a story about your item or demonstrate how your item works.

Keep the video short and flowing.

Use the same principles for creating a great picture to create a great video. For example, use proper lighting, use a contrasting background, and avoid background clutter.

Use sound to sell the item, but make sure there are no background noises that could distract your buyers.

Practice before you start recording. Find the best way to move your item or camera to highlight the features of your product.

Use a tripod to avoid shaking whilst filming 🙂

Lastly don’t copy videos without permission from another eBay seller, a manufacturer or retailer as you don’t want your listings being pulled down for copyright!

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