Where Do You Get Your Daily Dose Of Inspiration?

We all have different things we love, whether it be eating out at nice places, running on the beach or watching good movies…we are all have different values on things that matter to us in our lives. Pity the person who has a favorite restaurant, but not a favorite author. They’ve picked out a favorite place to feed their body, but they doesn’t have a favorite place to feed their mind!

Why would this be? Have you heard about the accelerated learning curve? From birth, up until the time we are about eighteen, our learning curve is dramatic, and our capacity to learn during this period is just staggering. We learn a tremendous amount very fast. We learn everything from maths and history to science!

However for some people, this process will continue. But for most of us, it levels off when we get our first job. If there are no more exams to take, if there’s no demand to get out paper and pencil, why read any more books? Of course, you will learn some things through experience. However just getting out there, sometimes doing it wrong, making mistakes and sometimes doing it right, you’ll learn much faster than having your nose in textbooks..

One way we know to feed your mind and educate yourself is through the writings of influential people whom you look up to or admire, like Anthony Robbins, Dr John Demartini or John Assaraf . Maybe you can’t meet the person, but you can read his or her books, or if you get your hands on their material, search libraries for books and programs. They are full of opportunities for inspiration and personal development.

You need to keep feeding your mind just as you do your body. Feed it with good ideas, wherever they can be found. Always be on the lookout for a good idea whether it be for a business idea, a eBay product idea, or how to add to your eBay business in the future. Being without knowledge sometimes can be like a tree, we are either growing and striving for life and excellence or slowly getting stagnant with what we know and understand.

Til next time, take the time to find authors or mentors that really inspire you and make time to feed your mind!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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