Using Social Marketing To Your Advantage On eBay…

For years eBay has allowed us to market our items with a “share” button which is still in place making it easy to send the listing directly to any email. It used to be called “forward to a friend” and now it has evolved with the changing online styles as everyone knows it is better to share across the social networking sites!

It is a great idea to start mentioning all of your social networking profiles in your listings, in your eBay store, in your automatic messages or invoices after each sale and even in your About Me page on eBay.

If you do have a list of clients on a database you can send them lots of good content with your social networking sites down the bottom of each email to get them to start following you!

Suggested items you can share on these social networking sites:

  • A recent purchase
  • An interesting auction
  • A charity listing
  • A great deal
  • A fellow seller

These sites can be extremely helpful in getting you get more traffic to your listings and also getting more repeat customers to your Store, so why not try something new to see how you can start utilising social networking to your advantage.

Til next time, happy eBaying!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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