Using A Trading Assistant To Get Rid Of Your Junk…

Want to sell your stuff on eBay but don’t have the time? Let a Trading Assistant do it for you, Trading Assistants are experienced eBay sellers who will sell your items on eBay for a fee.

It’s very easy to work with a Trading Assistant, here’s how they can help you get rid of your junk:

* Save time and effort.
The Trading Assistant handles every aspect of selling your item on eBay, from listing the item to shipping it to the buyer.

* Take advantage of selling expertise.
All Trading Assistants have experience selling on eBay and are in good standing in the eBay community. Many of them specialize in certain categories and know how to sell your type of item for maximum value.

* Make money. When your item sells, the Trading Assistant passes the profit on to you (after taking out fees).

Trading Assistants are similar to a consignment store, they can have a physical store front location with regular business hours. Some may also provide a pick-up service or you can drop off your items and they will sell them on eBay. When your items sell, they will pay you the proceeds of the sale less any fees or commissions.

An eBay Trading Assistant may also offer a drop off location, but most likely will go to your location to examine and assess your merchandise to sell on eBay. When your items sell, they will pay you the proceeds of the sale less any fees or commissions.

Make Sure You Find The Right Trading Assistant For You

* Click on the Trading Assistant’s User ID in the search results. You’ll get information the Trading Assistant has provided about their specialties, fees, requirements, and other terms (such as drop-off schedule). Some Trading Assistants will sell in any of the thousands of item categories on eBay, while others have expertise in particular areas and prefer to sell only in those categories. Look for Trading Assistants who will sell the type of item you have.

* Like all eBay members, Trading Assistants have a running record of feedback from people who have traded with them in the past. How the Trading Assistant has dealt with buyers and sellers is a good indication of the experience you’ll have with them as a Trading Assistant.

* Selling experience. Within the Trading Assistant’s member profile, click on the “Items for Sale” link to see items they’re currently selling, or click on item numbers to see items they’ve sold in the past. This will give you an idea of their approach to selling and indicate whether they have experience selling your type of item.

Once you have decided on the Trading Assistant you want to use, contact them using the information provided in their Trading Assistant profile. Make sure to discuss any fees and terms in detail. You can also ask them to provide references from past clients.

This is a sure way to get rid of your junk if you don’t want to sell it yourself or if you don’t have the time. To find out more about Trading Assistants click on the link below:

Til next time, have a happy and profitable weekend on eBay!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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