Use The 80 Keyword Characters In Your Title To Your Advantage

With eBay’s new changes to bring in 80 characters in the title, sellers need to understand how to make the best use of the extra characters to gain the most success for their listings.

Your listing title is your opportunity to draw in buyers and get their eyes on your listings. It is a crucial part of the listing process and care should be taken when choosing keywords for your titles.

Here a few tips that will help you create great titles for your listings:

*Make sure you’re always using the most of the 80 characters; leaving characters unused is a waste of precious keywords space

*Include specific attributes such as brand, colour, size, style, keywords that people may search under if looking for your specific item. Using significantly different terms from those used by the market can actually prevent interested buyers from seeing your listing.

*Remember not to add asterisks, stars, spaces, dashes, underscores or acronyms

*Try not to use all capital letters. It appears as if you’re “shouting” at buyers and upper and lower-case titles are easier to read.

And lastly never use keywords such as l@@k, Wow, Gorgeous as they are not keywords that buyers are searching under and they make your title less readable and relevant.

Spend time and get your keywords correct as without eyes to your listings, there are no sales! You may have to test and measure to see what gives you the best results for your listings. One important thing to remember is that keyword spamming and misleading titles violate eBay’s policies so please read up on these on the link below:


Have a productive eBay week!


Matt and Amanda Clarkson

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September 27, 2011

Michelle Partlic @ 10:27 am #

Does it not make the title very confusing if you do not leave a space between the words? Can the search engine on Ebay work out the different words when they are put together with no spaces and will it confuse the buyers when looking?

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