Use PayPal To Your Advantage, It’s An Asset Not A Cost

So many people look for ways to reduce their cost’s when running a business and that’s a legitimate business strategy.

But it’s not a smart strategy when it comes at a cost of growing your ebay business or stifling your business growth. See, when I look at a business expense I ask myself…

“How can I maximise the money I have to spend in my business, not how can I cut costs no matter what?”

You need to offer as many ways for the customer to pay you as you are able to. We offer PayPal, credit card, direct bank deposit, cheque & money order.

Yes you will have to pay a percentage of your transaction to PayPal if the customer chooses to pay that way, but let’s face it, every business has those costs in running their business. The good news is though, as your business grows and you reach higher sales volumes you can go back to PayPal and get a reduced transaction fee.

So you see there a few options available to you but don’t strangle your own success by penny pinching!

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