Traditional Retail Achieves Zero Growth Once Again Comments Gerry Harvey

We all know how hard done by poor old Billionaire Gerry Harvey is, when we think about how online retail is smashing the pants off of retail stores and sales.

The big picture is that the world has changed and technology is allowing the everyday person to shop how and when they choose. Also I’ve been travelling to the US and Europe since I was 19 years old and was astonished to see the same products we purchase in Australia often for half the price or even a third of the price.

The reality is that as the world becomes more educated, and has access to online stores overseas, shop owners and retailers in Australia have not kept pace and in fact even scoffed at people selling products direct on the Internet. This week Gerry Harvey stated that this is the worst he has seen the retail market conditions in over 50 years.

The only answer these frazzled business owners have come up with is to slash the prices. The missing ingredient here isn’t price, it’s about educating yourself in new ways of Doing business, new and old ways of Marketing your business, and Investing in your future.

I’m sorry but I find it hard to feel sorry for business owners who won’t invest into their knowledge and education to learn how the new economy works. You will pay the price in one of either two ways…up front learning how to do run a business in the new economy, or later in lost sales and a business going broke because you strangled it.

A lady came to us one year ago from Melbourne. She had opened a retail store in a shopping centre and after only 6 weeks she new it was going broke. She had her first customer after 12 days of being open and was absolutely terrified. After starting on eBay following our steps she reached over $500,000 in sales in her first 11 months and is well on track for true freedom.

So how will you change your way of thinking in the new year?

If you are in business or intend on getting into business I urge you to embrace the new market place in as many ways as you can and don’t become a media statistic.

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