Timing Is Everything, Have You Got It Right Yet?

Listing your item for a specific duration and a specific time can be tricky for sellers trying to start selling their niche products. Only the smart sellers know that in terms of when and how long an auction will run still has significant impact on their ultimate sales success each week. With that said, do you know which day of the week is best for starting or ending an auction for your niche product? Do you know how long to run your auction to ensure the best results? Have you discovered what the magical hour is for ending an auction to ensure more bidders will bid more..

eBay gives you several choices when you list your item, allowing you to run your auction anywhere from one to 10 days. Which duration is best for your product?

* 1-day auctions: These are best suited to time sensitive offerings such as concert or sporting event tickets, but can be suited to big ticket items that  turn over quickly

* 3-day auctions: Also good for time sensitive listings but sometimes suitable for general merchandise, especially around the holidays and also gives anxious buyers the opportunity for a quick purchase.

* 5-day auctions: A good middle ground choice, providing enough time for buyers to find and bid on your listing, but also short enough to turn a reasonably quick transaction.

* 7-day auctions: Still the favored choice, since it gives bidders more time do discover your item and enough time for bid battles, yet wraps up within a week.

* 10-day auctions: This one’s just too long for most buyers and sellers. Over the course of 10 days, it’s likely that interested bidders or buyers will discover something else (maybe better), and choose to bid or spend elsewhere

Are there bad days to end an auction? Fridays can challenge your profit potential, since your listings won’t benefit from an end of auction weekend surge. And there are those workers who elect to start an early weekend might be away from their computers on Fridays and Saturdays. By ending an auction on a Sunday, though, you can still get those buyers who’ve been away for most of the weekend yet are ready to go shopping online Sunday afternoon or evening.

However still the best strategy is to take your customers internet surfing, bidding and living habits into account. For example if you are selling baby products you don’t want to sell them at the times mum’s and bubs might be having a snooze rather early hours of the morning or late nights are better. Think how your listing will be affected when you aren’t getting the right target market to see your listing or be at a computer to place a bid, this could drastically decrease your profits.

So get inside your buyers head and brainstorm when you think the best time is for them to be online to buy your item and also use research tools like Terapeak that can help you identify existing patterns to help you list your item at the right time and duration.

Til next time, have a great eBay week.

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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