Store Holiday Settings Feature Now Available To All eBay Store Subscribers

eBay store subscribers will now be able to see an updated Store Holiday Settings feature. Previously, Store Holiday Settings kept Fixed Price listings from showing up in search results. However with the updated Store Holiday Settings, your Fixed Price listings will be both hidden in search results and unavailable for purchase, so buyers that added your item to their watch list prior to it being hidden won’t be able to purchase it while you’re away.

If you are going away, you can use your Store holiday settings to display a holiday message:

* Within your listings – Places a message above the item descriptions of all of your active listings
* On your Store homepage – Places a message on your Store page, informing buyers that you will be away.

The message appears below your custom header and this is recommended to notify potential buyers of increased postage times whilst you might be away.

This keeps buyers from having a bad experience and also helps protect you from negative feedback and low Detailed Seller Ratings.

To access the new eBay Store Holiday Settings feature, go to My eBay > Messages > Change Settings.

Have a great selling week on eBay!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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