Shane Warne’s Charity Making A Difference On eBay!

Shane Warne has started a charity that makes a significant difference to seriously ill and underprivileged children, called The Shane Warne Foundation. The charity was started because Shane had met many brave children trying to come to terms with their illnesses along his journey. Unfortunately, some children didn’t make the fight and he felt that more needed to be done to help the children and families and therefore set up this fantastic charity.

The charity has launched onto eBay with auctions of clothing and movie memorabilia from celebrities such as Danni Minogue, Ricki Lee, Elizabeth Taylor, Robbie Maddison etc.

Shane had his bevy of famous friends clamouring to put items up on the eBay auction to help to assist seriously ill and underprivileged children in Australia.

With names such as Russell Crowe, Elton John and Australia’s favourite presenter Karl Stefanovic on board, the 22-long list of highly desirable memorabilia and clothing once auctioned off will make a significance difference to many children.

So if you want to not just look like a celebrity but actually wear their clothing or display it, whilst raising money for underprivileged and sick children then checkout the site today:

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