Setting Small Goals To Get Maximum Achievement For Your Business

Studies have shown that when people go after one big goal at once, they invariably fail because of not just one thing but many things. If you had to try to eat a whole chicken all at once, you’d choke. You have to cut the chicken into small pieces, eating one bite at a time.

When your working towards a bigger goal you need to break it up into smaller steps that you know you can achieve, after each step celebrate and reward yourself for a job well done, with smaller steps your more likely to stay on task because you are rewarded more often.

You know yourself best and you know what your personal limits are, so figure out that magic point where you can achieve success without too much stress and then you’ll remain motivated to keep taking positive action.

Also having a good schedule and organised plan will help to keep you on track and motivated. Be specific and decide which jobs are the ones that will bring in the money first and those that aren’t high priority can be pushed to the back of the line until the money jobs are completed. Always ask yourself is this going to help me make money and if the answer is no start with a job that will.

Each small task on the way to the ultimate goal becomes a mini goal in itself. Using this method, the goal becomes manageable. When small mistakes are made, they are easy to correct. Every business needs to have goals of what you want to achieve monthly, yearly or weekly, because without a plan you plan to fail. This plan should be an outline of your all your goals whether they be mini or medium or large goals, put them altogether so you can start to cross them off one by one, getting you closer to that ultimate goal.

Til next time, make sure you take the time to set small goals with your eBay business!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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