Research Shows That There Are Now 1667 eBay Millionaires In Australia

The Australian and Sunrise recently reported the exciting research which shows that right now there are 1667 eBay Millionaires In Australia.

Click here to watch the Sunrise report:


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Matt and Amanda Clarkson invited to speak live on radio station 2UE about Australia’s growing group of eBay Millionaires.

Recent studies have revealed that there is currently 1667 eBay Millionaires within Australia, and what’s exciting is that a lot of these people are simply your everyday Aussie.

Since 2007 Matt and Amanda Clarkson have shown thousands of everyday people how they can top up or replace their income using eBay as well as a few eBay Millionaires!

It’s no wonder they’re affectionately known as Australia’s eBay Magicians!

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