Reach Millions More Buyers At No Extra Cost!

Great news, the eBay International Market at has expanded, bringing 25 million more buyers your way! Now buyers in Finland, Portugal and Hungary can shop eBay in their own language.

To go global and reach these buyers, simply follow the steps below and your listings will appear in these countries at no additional charge!

So all you need to do is:

* List in Fixed Price format and offer PayPal as a payment option (you’ll also be covered by eBay Seller Protection).
* Select worldwide shipping and specify your shipping charge.
* Exclude any countries you don’t wish to ship to. Your listings won’t appear in these countries.

Not only do eBay make it easy to list internationally – they have also streamlined international shipping too. Within My eBay you can purchase and print international shipping labels, order free International Flat Rate boxes, get customs forms and track shipments. Best of all, when you print your labels on eBay, shipping information is automatically uploaded to My eBay and emailed to your buyer!

To check out the EU site, click the link below:

Til next time, have a great eBay weekend!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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