Platinum Graduate Program

Hi it’s Matt & Amanda here and we wanted to share something very exciting with you, our special Platinum Graduates.

As people come to the end of the 12 months program with us they are always at various level of success and progress.

You may be already making a great income, or you might be just starting to hit your groove and making modest weekly sales and income.

It doesn’t matter where you’re at with your business, we have a very exclusive offer that just might be what you’re looking for if you’d like to be involved with us ongoing.

The community in the vault and the ongoing training is a very valuable resource and we have never offered anything like this before, however we think it will be really helpful for those who would like to continue their training with us.

In fact, the feedback we continually receive is that many of our students want to stay part of the community as it helps them stay motivated, inspired and most of all surrounded by their mentors and friends, who are on the same journey as they are.

We get this and that’s why for the first time ever, we’ve come up with a solution for beyond the 12 month Platinum program.

If you’d like to continue your training in the vault here’s what you can expect…

  • The usual access to all of the weekly lessons
  • Attendance to the Live Q & A calls as they happen
  • Be involved in the community of the vault and the people you meet in there
  • 2 Tickets to our Exclusive Importing Secrets workshop, which we hold at least once a year
  • Priority email help desk service for Platinum members

Of course we will be finishing off your website and eBay store templates regardless of whether you stay in the vault or not. This is simply another opportunity to give you more access and to be involved at such a high level.

If you want to take advantage of this never before offered Platinum Graduate program the monthly investment is only AU 397.

Remember that gives you access to all the past and future Live Q & A calls while you are subscribed, as well as the valuable lessons and priority email service.

If this exclusive offer is right for you, then simply enter in your contact details and preferred credit card below. We will then begin the recurring billing monthly using that credit card and you’ll get access to the vault ongoing.


You can also unsubscribe when you want, so if you want 1, 3, 6 or 12 months extra time we simply automatically bill your credit card until you give us written notice to cancel your next monthly installment.

This truly is an exclusive offer only for current and finishing Platinum Graduates and it’s only open for the next 10 days. If you don’t take advantage of this offer right now you won’t be able to come back later as we will have allocated the spots to new students coming in.

Again just enter your payment details in the box below and stay for as long as you want.

We look forward to seeing you in the vault.

Matt and Amanda

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