PeSA discusses the success of eBay

Over 500 people, 56 speakers and 41 sessions made this year’s PeSA Internet conference another record breaking event. Now in its fifth year, the two day event, staged by the Professional ecommerce & eBay Seller’s Alliance (PeSA), was a great opportunity for sellers to learn and exchange innovative ideas to thrive in Australia’s online retail revolution.

One of the most interesting speakers was Deborah Sharkey who is the Managing Director of eBay Australia and NZ who spoke about trends of eBay within the last 12 months.
Some of the stats were phenomenal, with 9.3 million Australian’s shopping online in last year, turning over 27 billion in online sales.

In the top 2000 eBay sellers there was a growth pattern of 38%, where retail only grew by 1%. There has been a rapid behavioural change with consumers wanting to buy items online for convenience.

Since eBay launched into Australia 11 years ago it has transformed from being a platform that sold mainly second hand goods to now being the biggest ecommerce site in Australia selling new items in mainly fixed price format.

There has been a clear change from the way buyers now want to purchase their items, auctions are slowly decreasing as the main selling format and moving forward consumers are wanting to buy from fixed price listings and predominantly new items. In fact 78% of all listings are new items.

Interesting the rise of mobile sales is also increasing with a prediction that in 4-5 years consumers will be buying more from their phone than their desktops. In fact 2.5 million items were brought via mobile sales last year alone. The eBay app was downloaded 30 million times in the last 12 months.

With over 6 million shoppers visiting eBay each month ecommerce has never been a hotter topic and eBay sellers are well positioned to be capitalising from the growth. All in all, times are very exciting in the world of ecommerce and especially eBay. As you can imagine online businesses will grow in the next few years making niche markets attractive for people to get into, so make sure your staying on the cutting edge and above your competition so you’re way in front when other business finally pick up the online trend.

There has never been a better time online or with eBay to make money so take advantage while you can!

Until next time, keep making money on eBay.

Matt and Amanda Clarkson

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