Online Spending Topped $1.25 B In One Day After US Thanksgiving Holiday

There’s a new trend of online retail spending after the traditional US Thanksgiving holiday called Cyber Monday. This is where people take advantage of discounts similar to what we see for Boxing Day specials in Australia.
This year amazingly over $1.25 Billion was spent in one day online. This is a combination of individual websites and the usual contributor eBay. This year we can also see the trend of mobile phone spending skyrocketing. In fact 10% of all those sales were made by people using mobile devices like phones and iPads.
What’s even more astonishing is that prior to the Cyber Monday online sales, there was the usual Black Friday spending in traditional stores, the kicker is that the online spending beat traditional spending by 29%.
This is truly a changing of the way people are now choosing to spend their money and once again it makes great inspiration to be selling online.

What are you going to sell today online?

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