New Stores Subscriptions Coming On eBay

As of the 15th of September the store subscriptions on eBay will be simplified and the fee structure will change also.

moving forward there will only be two store subscriptions the Basic & Featured Store which will now cost $24.95 per month and the Anchored store which will cost $499.95. You will have to work out your turnover and your transaction levels to determine which of the two levels would suit your business.

The good news is the cost of the Insertion fee will come down and the Final Value fees will be adjusted also.
eBay state that over all the sellers will be better off with the new fee structure.

What is this really telling us?

I believe it’s all part of the push from eBay to bring the service levels of the sellers up to a more professional level.
This year has been a real year of change for the eBay fees and listing upgrades and we believe it’s because it’s heading towards the ecommerce type platform and slowly evolving away form bewing the auction platform that it’s success was founded on.

If you want to find out more about the fees and changes check it out here…

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October 4, 2012

Barbara Trigg @ 1:08 pm #

I am getting charged by Ebay $49-95 for Store Subscription.Basic and Featured Stores,both being $49-95,(as of 1st Sept)on my page. Not $29-95 as you have stated,please let me know where you get $29-95 from,as I would much rather be paying for this. $20-00 increase is an awfully big price to pay.Not impressed at all. Making it harder for the smaller players!Thanks

October 10, 2012

Kaye @ 11:27 am #

The store fees have increased to $49.95 from September 15 (not $24.95) for Basic and a Featured Store . . . what a big jump, I’ve only just set up my store last month, and was surprised it had gone up so much, plus I thought by having a store the listing fees would be cheaper but they are not.

October 18, 2012

SELENA @ 11:42 pm #

Hi could you tell me which is correct as I am looking at opening a store on eBay but their listed store fees differ from what your listed price in the above article says.They say from the 15th of Sept Basic & Featured are both to be $49.95 each.

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