New Seller Standards Coming To eBay AUS This Month

From late May 2011, new minimum performance standards will apply for all sellers. This is being introduced so that eBay AUS aligns with how other eBay sites evaluate seller performance, and to help ensure sellers consistently provide service that results in a high level of buyer satisfaction.

By delivering the high standard and quality that online buyers expect, eBay sellers will enjoy even greater rewards such as more visibility in search results. The new standards aim to give sellers the recognition, insights and help they need to improve and grow their business.

Underlying these changes is eBay’s research which shows that low DSRs are a more accurate measure of the quality of buyer experiences provided by sellers on eBay. That’s why they’re evolving the way we measure quality, focusing more on how many low DSRs – 1s and 2s – a seller receives than on a seller’s DSR averages.

  • The 1s and 2s a seller receives are tracked for each DSR: Item description, communication, dispatch time, and postage and packaging charges. Low instances of 1s and 2s DSRs will be the main measurement for new minimum seller standards. Sellers are encouraged to focus more on avoiding 1s and 2s than on getting more 5s or higher averages
  • Transactions with buyers and international buyers (excluding those in the US, UK and Germany) will count for eligibility requirements on Repeat sales from those buyers will also count

New minimum standard for all sellers

eBay are evolving the way they assess quality for all sellers on eBay:

  • The new requirements are based on a seller’s incidence of low DSRs (1s and 2s) on transactions with AU buyers and international buyers
  • From late May 2011, all sellers will need to have 1s or 2s for item as described on no more than of 1.2% of transactions, and on no more than 2.4% for communication, 2.4% for dispatch time, and 2.4% for postage and packaging charges
  • Sellers with more than the maximum allowed 1s and 2s will receive lowered placement in search and may face limits on selling activity until their performance ratings improve
  • Sellers with excessively high rates of 1s and 2s may be restricted from selling

So What Do You Need To Do..

Til next time, keep an eye on your Seller Dashboard for all those new changes coming this month.


Mat& Amanda Clarkson

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