New Pricing From Australia Post For Parcel Post

From 4th April 2011, Australia Post has increased prices for their range of domestic Parcels and Express Post, as well as International letters, parcels and express products and services.

The average weighted price increase across all products and services is 4%.

Australia Post continually revises its pricing year to year, to take into account, inflation as well as to cover other escalating costs associated with providing these services, such as transport and labour.

This is part of Australia Post’s ongoing efforts to ensure its letters and parcels business is self-sustaining and viable, and to ensure ongoing market competition, which benefits all customers.

Below shows a summary of the product categories impacted by the price rise, and the average increase:

  • Parcels – (average increase of 4.1%)
  • Express Post – (average increase of 3.7%)
  • International Letters – (average increase of 2.9%)
  • International Parcels- (average increase of 5.0%)

More detailed information on the price changes is available at

So make sure you update your postage costs accordingly so you don’t lose any money with your shipping.


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