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Answering buyer questions is an important way of building confidence and trust with customers. So eBay have followed feedback from sellers, that managing questions can be very time consuming and designed a new Find Answers page allowing you to manage and respond to buyers’ questions quickly and efficiently.

Buyers will now be able to click on the ‘Ask a question’ or ‘Contact Member’ link and be taken through to the Find Answers page where they will be able to select a topic to help answer their question, for example on postage or returns policies. If the buyer is not able to find an answer to their question, they will then be requested to fill out the Ask the Seller form.

The content included in the Find Answers page will be taken from eBay policies, the content in your listing, as well as from any existing Q&A you’ve previously created. As a result, it is important for you to provide up to date detailed information on key topics such as postage, item specifics and return policies when listing an item. You will also be able to customise the information shown on the Find Answers page to ensure that it is relevant to your listings.

This is great tool for sellers with extensive products lines but also complicated prodcuts that get lots of questions, so you will be able to spend less time doing and more time making money!

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Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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