New Iphone App “Instant Sale” Allows You To Trade In Your Unwanted Electronics

More and more people are now using their mobile phones for eBay related searching and buying and now you can now use it to receive offers on your electonic items directly from eBay as well! have now released a great new iPhone App called instant Sale. It’s very simple to use and the concept behind it is very clever. It provides a way to get cash for your electronics or recycle them for free right from your iPhone. For people that find it hard to get the time to auction off their old gadgets, they no longer have to find the time with Instant Sale, you’ll receive an immediate cash offer for your laptops, smart phones, tablets, PDAs, cameras, GPS and other electronic devices  and it all happens in three easy steps.

Firstly just look up what gadget you own and no longer need, and tell Instant Sale the condition of the device, and get an offer.

Secondly if you accept the offer and you’ll be emailed a free prepaid shipping label to send your item to our authorised eBay reseller for evaluation.

And lastly ship once your payment is received through PayPal ship your item for free… its really as simple as that!

Even if your item is broken you still may be able to trade it in, and for the items that don’t receive offers eBay will still send you a free shipping label so you can send it in and do your bit for the planet and recycle responsibly.

eBay is working with AllTechWholesale, a Top-Rated eBay Seller with an excellent track record of customer satisfaction and service. To date, the program has generated more than four million offers for devices that range from smart phones to tablets to laptop computers, and has established itself as one of the most competitive electronics trade-in destinations on the web.

This is the first ever electronics trade-in app for used electronics and we are very excited about where the future is heading…check it out today.

We hope you’re as excited as we are with all the new changes.

Have a productive eBay weekend.

Matt and Amanda Clarkson.

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