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eBay To Go is a new App being tested in the US which let’s eBay sellers showcase up to 10 items on Facebook, or any Web site or blog. The widget is free and you can decide how many items to show, and which ones. A nice feature of this app is that you can choose ahead of time which listing will replace another when it sells or expires.

Have you ever found something on eBay that you really wanted to let your friends know about?  It’s a fun and easy way for you to share the interesting things you’ve discovered on eBay and personalize your blog, social networking page or website.

Who can create an eBay To Go?

Anyone can create their own eBay To Go widget, even non-eBay users. Plus its free to try!

Is eBay To Go only for listings?

You can create an eBay To Go for a single item, multiple items (up to 10) or for a favorite search.

What happens if the item I display expires?

When you create an eBay To Go, eBay ask you what search results you want to display after the item expires.

Q. How can I replace or remove eBay To Go from my page?

If you want to replace your eBay To Go with a new one or want to remove it completely, follow the same steps you used to add it to your page and delete the embed code.

Click on the link below to try it out now:

Til next time, have a great eBay weekend and if you are coming to our eBay Magic workshop, we’ll see you there tomorrow 🙂

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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