New Duplicate Listing Policy Affecting Aus Sellers From April

From 5th April a new Duplicate Listing policy will be introduced on The purpose of the policy is to prevent search results from being dominated by duplicate fixed price listings of the same item from the same seller. This policy is already been used on the US eBay site.

The introduction of this policy means:

* Sellers will no longer be allowed to list duplicate fixed price listings of the same item
* Buyers will gain a quicker, more inspiring view of a greater range of items, as well as items from a wider range of sellers
* More listings will receive increased exposure on search results pages

What this means for sellers

  • Starting 5th April, eBay will automatically end duplicate fixed price listings and credit insertion fees and listing upgrade fees for ended listings. The credits will appear as part of the next billing cycle
  • Your best performing listing will remain on search results pages, based on Best Match ranking
  • Sellers who continue to have duplicate listings for identical items:
    • Won’t receive credit of their fees when subsequent duplicate listings are ended
    • May be subject to a range of additional actions including listing cancellation, loss of fees, limits on account privileges, loss of seller status, and account suspension

For full details about the policy and how it will affect you, please click on the link below:

Til next time, keep making money on eBay!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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