New Changes Coming To eBay That Will Affect Your Title…

New eBay updates are coming at the end of August to the USA and then probably a few months later to Australia include new seller protections which will help bring more buyers and keep them on eBay and will help boost your sales and profits for the holidays and beyond.

More exposure and protection for sellers

  • Get 25 EXTRA characters in your title to draw more buyers to your listings. A good title is key to establishing the relevance of your listing to a buyer’s search—and some products require more words than others to get in front of the right buyers. eBay are going to increase characters from 55 to 80, which is great for some of us adding subtitles or not having all our keywords in the title.
  • Buyer Protection cases won’t be included in your count of opened cases unless the buyer contacts you first. Starting in late August, if the buyer doesn’t contact you before opening a Buyer Protection case and you act quickly to resolve it, the case won’t be included in your performance rating.

To read more about these new changes click on the link below:


Til next time, have fun making money on eBay.


Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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