New Changes Coming To eBay in September

eBay sellers have from now until the 15th of September to make sure their current listing meet the following criteria by make sure they specify a handling time, a returns policy (including if there is no returns policy) and specify a shipping service.

Not including handling time and returns policies clearly stated in listings can create confusion for buyers and lead to disputes or negative feedback.

Additionally, specifying the shipping service will help manage buyer’s expectations on shipping cost and time. Current listings will need to be updated to include at least one domestic shipping service.

Any Good’Til Cancelled (GTC) listings, will not automatically relist if handling time, returns policy or shipping service are not specified by September 15th. To avoid this, you should update your listings with these specifications as soon as possible.

Another change coming in from 31st of August will be in relation to international shipping. If you want items to be visible to buyers from the United States, United Kingdom or Canada, you will need to offer at least one international shipping service.

So make sure you have updated all your listings before the changes are released to avoid your listing being pulled down and losing any buying history you might have.

Til next time, have a great eBay weekend!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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