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"You’re About To Discover How YOU Can Start An eBay Business From Scratch Today, And Start Earning While You Learn… Even If You’re A Seasoned Seller or You’ve Never Sold A Thing On eBay Before.”

You’ll Learn How To Create Extra Streams Of Income Using Every Advanced Tip, Proven Strategy and Jealously Guarded Secret That Could Literally Turn You Into The Next eBay Success Story, Living The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of… And You Can Get It All For Only $49 A Month


eBay Has Given Nick His Dream Lifestyle & Security


From the desk of Matt & Amanda Clarkson

eBay Experts, Best Selling Authors, International Speakers & Mentors

Dear friend,

If you’ve ever wanted to know how an everyday person can start an eBay business from scratch and turn it into n successful business that sells worldwide 24 hours a day or better still, an online eBay empire, then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

Did you know that currently 1.3 Million people now earn their primary or secondary living, selling all sorts of things to people all over the world on eBay?

Not only that… more than 86 Million eBay members spend a whopping $141,000,000 every single day on eBay! This equates to $1 Billion being spent on eBay every week of the year.

Just to give you an idea of how massive and untapped the eBay opportunity is, take a close look at the following statistics and begin to imagine what it would be like if you were one of the sellers who enjoyed a brand new incomes thanks to this phenomenal platform, eBay.

There are now over 300 Million registered eBay users world wide making it the largest online store on the planet.

If you think about these statistics for just a moment, then no doubt you too can see the huge potential for you to become an educated, successful seller if you want to follow the necessary steps and strategies to a lifestyle of freedom and income most only get to dream about.

Here’s a couple more stats that may open your mind even more…

  • Gross sales on eBay reached a MASSIVE $60 Billion for the year
  • There are 50,000 categories on eBay to sell into each with thousands of sub-categories to choose from
  • 70,000 new members join eBay everyday
  • There are more searches done on eBay daily than there are on Google!
  • Over 30,000 fashion items are sold every day
  • eBay released a statement saying that just about every home has about $2,000 worth of ‘junk’ lying around the house waiting to be turned into cash
  • eBay users world wide trade more than US$2,000 worth of goods every second
  • Thousands of eBay sellers around the world are quietly making an income selling things on eBay, yet you’d never know. They simply keep their secret close to their chests and continue to bank huge amounts of money every day of the week.

Every day millions of shoppers flock to eBay, credit card in hand, looking to spend money.

Incredibly, only about 1.3 million of them are sellers. This means there are far more buyers on eBay than there are people selling things to them.


We Now Have A Reliable Revenue Thanks To eBay Magic!

I wanted to give you feedback on the amazing information that we’ve received from Matt & Amanda.

My business partner and I attended the eBay Magic course in April 2009, and took a few months to figure out the best niche for us. Once we found it, we were able to apply the tips from your course. It was a topic we were familiar with, so dealing with and meeting customers who also enjoy this product has been a lot of fun.

Within 3 months of starting, we have a reliable revenue of over $3,000 per month, which is profitable. We have managed to dominate the niche and keep testing new ideas to improve.

Each month, we have been able to re-invest profits to expand our offering, and have identified some super-hot items which we are struggling to keep in stock.

We’ve read and attended other ebay courses, and eBay Magic has by far the most amazing tips and processes to dominate the market. We’re excited about growing the business and replicating this success in new niches.

The biggest key tips that you gave, which is where so many other sellers fail, is communication and honesty. These 2 tips alone lead to great feedback and in turn more sales.

Thanks again for your amazing information.

Kind regards

Damian Walker


It was this one piece of golden information that was to change the course of our lives and hundreds of others who have joined us, forever…

From a Standing Start To Ongoing Profits Each Month…

It was Feb 06 when we started our eBay business from a standing start, after having tried for many years to become successful at making money on the Internet with mixed results. While Matt loved the Internet, I couldn’t get my head around building a website, finding products to sell and then getting traffic there to hopefully buy something. It was simply too hard for me.

Time was slipping away  (I was nearly 40 and Matt 34) and I was getting more stressed and more uncertain about our future financially because like most people we wanted to get ahead. Somehow. Matt was a carpenter and I was a personal trainer. We didn’t mind hard work and we certainly had passion but we just didn’t know how to maximize our efforts. Know what I mean?

We were looking for a better life, more choices and a way to stop slugging our guts out day-in-day-out getting nowhere fast. By now we’d renovated 7 properties in a row (on the side while we worked full time) and we’d worked 7 days a week for nearly 8 years. Our cash flow was almost non-existent as it was tied up in property.

You see, we had to find a smarter way and not give up because Matt’s back was so stuffed from working on the tools he was needing a back operation and I was so over trading time for dollars as a personal trainer. Actually, I’d had ten different businesses by the time I was 40, yet we couldn’t seem to crack it when it came to the Internet.

Matt Burns The Bridges…

In fact, by this stage we were so serious about doing something different that Matt sold all his tools one day after I told him to “stop whinging about your bad back and having no money, just shut up or do something about it!”

 He calls it ‘burning the bridges’… I called it ‘bloody stressful thank-you very much!’

I couldn’t believe he’d done that so now the pressure was on. (Even though I was peeved off he did that, I was excited too because now we had no choice but to come out fighting for our future and financial freedom.You see, I have a belief that your freedom is worth fighting for and unless you plan your own future someone else will.

We Did Things 95% Of People Can’t Be Bothered Doing… Getting The Right Information & Following Proven Systems…

Glen Now Has His Mortgage Covered Thanks To His eBay Business


Married Homemaker Mother Of Three Makes Money On eBay

Home BusinessThis is the best money I have spent on myself to date.

Within 1 month of starting the eBay Magic course I’d made $1500 and that was just the kids room! Now I don’t even have to think about school fees this term.

Wait till I get to that garage!

5 weeks into it, I’ve now found the product that I’m going to source and sell long term, thanks to Matt & Amanda’s help.

By August I’ll be making enough money so that my husband Matt can cut hours & the real living will begin for us as a family.

Because that IS what it’s all about isn’t it?

Thanks for always walking by my side Matt & Amanda,
I can’t say thank you enough!

Danielle T,


From there we invested very heavily into mentors and learned everything we could about making money online. We attended seminar after seminar all over the world and spent nearly all our money (at that stage $150,000 we’d made from renovating property) on education and trying different things. We made a lot of mistakes and had a few wins along the way but nothing too exciting.

Then one day out of the blue in Feb 06, when things were not looking good, Matt suggested eBay and quite literally our lives changed forever that day. The lights went on for me and as you read on, you’ll see why.

Again we invested very heavily into mentors who had results. We started small like most people selling stuff from around the house but within 12 months we astounded ourselves and were running a real online business, which took us at that time to Bronze Power Seller level.

It was proof to me that anyone with any background, any education and any age could make an income on eBay most would envy…

Within five months and benefiting from our own business background it had reached thousands of dollars a month, with amazing profits, which gave us Platinum Power Seller status, and this continues to this day.

Make no mistake…

There is hard work involved in creating a brand new business and getting the momentum you need to get things off the ground.

We followed exact systems and strategies and did everything 95% of sellers have no clue about. We did things most people can’t be bothered doing… becoming experts at what we wanted to achieve. Our results are not a fluke. We knew what we were doing and as a result we could basically make as much or as little online as we chose to.

It’s hard to put into words the incredible inner peace you get when you know how to make an income on the Internet. Grateful that’s for sure. It’s quite literally like having the ‘treasure map’ in your hands and the golden treasures are awaiting your discovery.

Sounds like a pipedream to you maybe, (and many laughed at us in the early days) but Matt and I now have the ability to make money on the net now (and we do) all because we took the easy, proven steps to making it become reality.

And that’s not all…

Automating Our eBay Business Has Truly Set Us Free To Live The Life Most Only Dream About…

It’s been many years since that day and we still have our eBay business that ticks over making a great income 24/7 which now only needs a few staff to run.

In fact, in the early days, our business became so streamlined, and smooth to run we got bored as our day was done by lunch time each day. Yeah I know what you’re thinking… be grateful you lucky buggers! Well… be careful what you wish for because Matt wished for a simple business with no stress, something that would only take a couple of hours a day to run and one that put more than $2000 a week into his pocket.

Well he got that and more within six months of starting. Now don’t get me wrong… this isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ business. There’s no such thing as far as I’m concerned. It took the right education, the right effort, dedication and commitment to become successful.

But… do you think it was worth it? You bet it was for now we live the life most people only dream about. We do what we want, when we want with whom we want. All because we’re in the top 2% of eBay sellers who know how to make the ‘real money.’

Our lives are now dedicated to helping others through the magic of making money on eBay. We are recognized as the world’s leading eBay education experts with the largest number of successful members, have become best selling Authors on the topic and are International Speakers. We’ve even written two best selling books about it…


Honesty, Dedication, Love & Joy

Evening Amanda, Matt and your amazing Team,

Thank you all for an exciting, emotional and mindblowing 3 days.

What did I get from the workshop? HONESTY, DEDICATION, LOVE & JOY for what the two of you along with a wonderful team of people have put together.

Again thank you for encouragment to many ages…loved it all.


Myra Black


We have an office on the sunny Gold Coast in Australia with 10 staff (I love them like family) who do what they love and love what they do, personally mentoring our members so you too can have the life you and your family deserves.

Never Have We Experienced Anything Easier To Learn, Faster To Get Off The Ground And Best Of All… Able To Reach A Global Market…

And I will share one thing I know that has had the most impact on me… Of the 10 different businesses I’ve had up until now (mainly bricks and mortar)… never have we experienced a better way to create an income than eBay. On top of that…once it’s up and running the eBay software allows you to automate many of the time consuming and mundane jobs. Now that’s where the real value lies wouldn’t you agree?

What price can you put on having real time freedom? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to waste and one thing I know for sure is that you can always get more money but never more time.

Now… Back To You. What Is It You Want? Is Time & Money? If So… Read On…

Did you know that most eBay sellers are everyday people who sell everything imaginable, yet still only see their eBay business as a ‘hobby’ on the side?


I Can Say With Hand-On-Heart… You Guys Are REAL PEOPLE

Dear Matt, Amanda, Darren, Rachelle, Genta , Nik and all the Bidding Buzz Team

Well, it’s Sunday night and home at last guys. Let me tell you, this pre-head and headline is how we, and I suspect 298 others, feel about our time with you this weekend. I sure hope you all have Monday off coz you sure as hell deserve it.

I’ve been to plenty of seminars over the years and Libby has done a couple and I can say with hand-on-heart… you guys are REAL PEOPLE. From all the materials in "Magic" we suspected you were more genuine than most but the week-end just cemented those impressions… WOW! ("WOW"???… Good thing I’m not writing a listing eh?)

Craig Sinclair & Libby Malley

Craig Sinclair & Libby Malley


“Matt and Amanda Are The Most Amazing Couple And Have Restored Our Faith That Genuine, Honest People Do Still Exist.”

Home BusinessOne day by complete accident we came across Matt and Amanda’s smiley faces on their Website Bidding Buzz and they lived on the Gold Coast near us, so we investigated that they were real and found them in the White Pages (they were real).

Amanda and Michelle spoke at lengths and explained what had happened in the past and where we wanted to be in the future. Amanda gave us some great tips and told to get our butts moving because an ebay seminar was in six weeks and we must be there.

The challenge was set.

So we scrounged everything we could find not being used around the house and put it on ebay to sell. Did we really know what we were doing? (No) Not really knowing how we did it, suddenly after 3 weeks we had made just over $2500. Over this time we also found a niche in the market (more like stumbled over it) and we could not get the goods quick enough as they were selling like hotcakes but we did not know how to source more. Another quick call to Amanda to help and a few little tips and we have managed to stay with our heads above water and on Target to make $3500 (conservative figure) by the end of week 5. I can only imagine how much we could make when we purchase the course and attend the seminar. I am still blown away by it all and sitting on cloud nine at the power of ebay and how it can change your life so quickly.

Matt and Amanda are the most amazing couple and have restored our faith that genuine honest people do still exist and not just out to grab your money and take off. Matt and Amanda did not know us at all but have spent time and energy to help and guide us in the right direction to becoming very successful. 

Thanks Matt and Amanda soooooo much.

Matt and Michelle,
Gold Coast, Australia.


Not only that, a massive 54% of things that get put up on eBay for sale don’t sell nor get a single bid. This is simply because 95% of sellers do not know what they’re doing or why they’re doing it and this is the reason why it’s so important that you know exactly what you’re doing when it comes to making money online.

Education is the key to success in any business and eBay is no different. Unfortunately most sellers still have the ‘hobby’ mindset and can’t carve out an amazing income as a result.

Notice that last point? People just like you; unfortunately most of the time they think it’s a hobby simply because they don’t know how to turn it into an extremely valuable and serious income.

However, possibly just like you, they may have been caught up in the rat race of life and looking for a better, smarter and more fun way to make money from the comfort of their own homes either on the side or full time. In fact there are thousands of ‘hobby’ sellers who quickly discover they can make more than they earn in their current job or business in spite of the fact they’re stumbling along hoping for the best.

And the only difference between these people and you is, they’ve already found the golden opportunity eBay has to offer and decided to jump off the treadmill of drudgery and do something about it.

But what about you?

Are you fed up with having to drag yourself out of bed each morning and head off to a job you hate with a passion? Or even if you’re lucky enough to like your job, you just wish it paid more money?

Or perhaps you already own a business that’s not all it’s cracked up to be, and now you’re a slave to it, working more hours than ever, before driving yourself into the ground! Who knows… you’re probably even paying your staff more than you’re paying yourself and doing twice as many hours?

We know how this feels because it used to be us. Truth is, just thinking back to those days makes us feel sick in the stomach. Working our tail off, having all the daily stress and panic for so little reward. Stuff that.

When was the last time you actually woke up, and felt excited about starting the day ahead of you? We mean really excited…you know… the kind of feeling you get when you’re on holidays and you’ve got that spring in your step?

Who knows? Maybe you’re already comfortable but so time-poor you never even get to enjoy it! What’s the point of it all? The weeks all seem to blend in and with the hours most people are having to work, just so they can pay their bills, it’s little wonder so many are looking for a better, smarter way to create an income for their family.

Imagine, for a moment, that it’s 6 months from today…

You now have your own profitable eBay business running from your spare bedroom, kitchen table or even the office. What does it mean to you and your family to have extra income streams, more choices and less stress?

Even if you just replace your current income, you don’t have to give up what you’re doing but imagine having two incomes right now? What would you do with the money? More importantly though… would you be a happier person just knowing how to make money without relying on someone else?


Even if you do currently have your own business, how about being able to sell old or surplus stock on eBay and creating another stream of income? There are thousands of eBay sellers who do this, and make more money on eBay than they do in their bricks and mortar business! We know this because we mentor many of them who do exactly this.

Wouldn’t that make a difference to your current situation?

What about being able to have a long weekend every week?

You could spend the extra time doing things you actually enjoy like gardening, shopping, relaxing, going to the beach, spending more time with the kids, visiting friends, wining and dining with your better half, exercising, going to the movies during the day, whatever…

… All the things you have to put on the backburner because you don’t have the time or the money today. And life is passing you by one day at a time…

Does this sound all too familiar?

Yes? Then it’s time to do something about it. It’s not your fault that you find yourself in these circumstances… we’ve all been there. Truth is… . you’re going to have to do something different to get a different result… but you know that right?

The only real question to ask yourself is this… .

How would your life be different if we were to help YOU get your own valuable and profitable eBay business up and running and making you a brand new income?

You’re Not Alone…

Well don’t worry. We’ve now helped hundreds of everyday people from all walks of life become successful at making money on eBay following our simple, proven and guaranteed steps.

Like I said… our success is no fluke and if you look through our website you’ll see countless testimonials of others who have followed the steps and now live life on their own terms instead of someone else’s.

Now it’s your turn if you want to take us by the hand and let us and our dedicated team mentor you to eBay success and getting all that you want in life.

We’ve done the hard yards, we’ve spent our money learning, and we’ve made the mistakes so you won’t have to. You see, mistakes are painful and costly and going it alone is confusing and sometimes downright scary.

Fact is…

The Money Masters Invest Money Into Education and Time Into Family…

You see, success leaves a trail and if you want success, take the hand of mentors who have the results you want and stay away from those dream stealers who often do not have your best interests at heart. You know who I mean… And don’t forget… they once laughed at us, but they’re not laughing now are they?

This is your life and you’ve got one go at it so if you’re not doing what you love right now, then keep reading…

From our experience and the results our members get… you could quite literally save between 3-5 years of stuffing around trying to work it out for yourself.

And no…you can’t get this information on the Internet for free!

Unfortunately too many people believe that a $19 e-book will have all of the information needed to create a multimillion dollar business.

Our program has been created using our exact steps and strategies we currently use to run our successful eBay business. It’s more than 25 years of our business experience and over 5 years of living this amazing eBay lifestyle. It’s our lives and hard lessons we’ve learned, put into our eBay courses so you don’t have to go through what we went through.


Amy Now Works Full Time From Home & Chooses Her Own Hours!

anthonyHi Matt and Amanda and the Bidding Buzz Team,

Shane and I bought the Deluxe Ebay Magic Course back in December, 2009. We got off to a slow start but attended your ‘Zero To A Million And Beyond’ Workshop in March 2010 and it has been all systems go since then. I have found numerous Hot Products from local suppliers and have just completed a few imports from China and they have been easy and very successful imports. Our eBay business is going very strong and continuously growing. Our sales our now up to $16,500 monthly and it keeps increasing and increasing!

In November last year we procrastinated about buying the Ebay Magic Course for days. Finally we decided to buy it because I desperately wanted a change of lifestyle. It has been the best decision of my life. I am now able to work from home and choose the hours I would like to work. We can go on more holidays and we can have weekends off together.

From the bottom of my heart thank you so much Matt and Amanda for the opportunity you have given us to live the lifestyle we have always wanted. Thanks so much Rachelle for always being there with any questions we may have. I can’t thank you enough you have been amazing. We wouldn’t have progressed this far without all your help.

We look forward to more success!
Thanks so much.
Amy and Shane

Amy and Shane


What You Get…

If you choose us as your mentors here’s a tiny snippet of what you’re going to discover… .

As a VIP member of the eBay Magic monthly membership, here’s what you’ll get :

10 Ways you can profit on eBay. Here’s where we discuss all the different ways you can make money on eBay. Depending on your outcome, your personality and how much time and money you have to invest, will ultimately help you decide on what selling method is going to suit you best. Remember this business is about ‘lifestyle.’

Total access to the ‘Bidding Buzz members only’ website which is loaded with every valuable piece of information you’ll need to create a profitable, automated eBay business like ours. We load new, up to date, cutting edge eBay information practically every day!

It’s our job to educate you on how to be in the top 2% of sellers who make the most money…all you need to do is follow the system and implement everything you learn.  

Downloadable Audios, Interviews, Camtasia Videos and Videos full of tips and strategies we use on a daily basis to help fast track your business. It’s all done with the click of a button so don’t worry if you don’t know what it means yet 😉

By using our proven strategies and systems
You’ll save years of research and countless dollars.

Weekly e-classes. Each week we’ll email your eBay lesson directly to you. We are going to ‘hand hold’ you every single step of the way. On top of that, we’re even giving you homework to prepare you for your next lesson. You see, building a long-term profitable and valuable eBay business is like building a high-rise building.

You must create a very strong foundation first so that your building will stand the test of time. Our eBay training is very structured and at every step of the way you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. This way your business will be profitable long-term and you can rely on the money to keep coming in. At no time will you be left ‘hanging in the breeze’ wondering what’s going on.

Here’s where you’ll find every one of our most jealously guarded eBay Secrets that have made us Platinum Power Sellers in our first twelve months of selling on eBay and has now seen hundreds of others we mentor do the same.

Never before has another eBay seller revealed in detail how they make their money because they’re scared of being copied. Not us… we have an abundance mentality and hopefully you have too. There is enough for all of us.

Links, Tools, New products, News and everything else we can get for you to fast track your profits. If we think it’s useful… you’ll be the first to know! As you can imagine, things change often so we make sure we’re on top of things and keep you posted the whole time. It’s our mission to make your eBay journey as fun and simple for you as possible.  

With so many options at your fingertips, the only downside is choosing which style of eBay business is right for you! Who knows… maybe more than one?

Support. Our automated help desk software operates 24/7 so that you never have to wait around for answers. It is updated with new blogs, video and info almost daily and if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, you can lodge a ticket where our mentors will reply within 24hrs. (Mon-Fri). There is a massive ‘knowledge bank’ there for your convenience which has taken us years to accumulate and put together so you save time and money.

Resources. Again to save you time and money… we’ve got a resources page where you find every tool we use to help fast track our eBay success. This information alone will make your life easier once you know how to take advantage of it!

Sourcing Products. Once you know exactly how to research hot markets, sourcing products actually becomes the easy part. It’s the ‘how to’ that most eBay sellers fall down on. We’ll take the ‘guess’ work out of it for you so you’ll have the edge over your competitors when is comes to sourcing products ongoing.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from eBay sellers is that they can’t find stock at the right prices. This is because they don’t know what they’re doing so just knowing this one trick will set you light years ahead of the pack!

You’ll be amazed and excited at just how easy getting your hands on stuff to sell really is.

Copywriting For Profits.When you start selling on eBay, you must understand that you’re now in the business of telling ‘stories.’ Shoppers are looking for an ‘experience’ when they come to eBay to shop. We’re going to show you how turn stories into money and why the majority of other eBay sellers (95%) just don’t seem to ‘get it.’

You’ll be amazed at how much of this process can be automated and how much fun buyers will have shopping with you.

Listing Types and Strategies. Knowing how and when to list your items for sale on eBay is paramount to your success. You’ll discover all the different ways you can do this to maximize your profits from day one!

One of the many reasons why most eBay sellers fail is because they miss this extremely important process. Not only that, if you don’t get this part right… you’ll be losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in profits you could have pocketed!

Automating Your eBay Business. This is going to be your favorite part. Here’s where you’ll find out how to automate your business freeing up your time. (Depending on the products you sell and how you do things) This means you’ll have so much free time you can either do as you please or concentrate on growing the business even bigger for more profits. You’re in total control of your own destiny!


We Have Almost Replaced Sue’s Monthly Wage Since

Doing Your eBay Magic Course!

Hi Matt & Amanda,

I just wanted to say to you both a big thank-you for everything.

I have been getting your lessons weekly now for about a month and a half and both myself and my wife sue have been literally selling everything that isn’t nailed down.

We want to move to America to emigrate there next year and we have 5 lovely children and you 2 are such an inspiration to us with the information you have been giving us.

Last month we made profit of £748 yes profit after everything was taken off completely now that is just short of Sue’s wages for the month and this month so far September we have sold over £322 worth of products we have sourced.

We have our first pallet load of goods arriving on Monday and are so exited about it.

Next year we want to come to one of your workshops in Australia or America and all I can say is thank god I took the time to go to Andrew Reynolds Conference in Brighton this year to see Mat and Amanda.

Thank you both again.

Frank And Sue and the kids of course.


What This Means For You Right Now…

As you can see there are more than enough gold nuggets here to help make money on eBay if you follow our steps. In fact, if you were to follow every step and strategy outlined in the eBay Membership program, you could quite literally become the next eBay success story sooner than you think or even eBay Millionaire?

If you were to be personally mentored by us, our time alone is charged out at a minimum of $2,500 per hour. Now you get to discover exactly what we have to say about running a successful eBay Business. It’s all here for you in the Bidding Buzz Monthly Membership delivered to your inbox every week like clockwork.

We’ve now been helping everyday people create their own profitable eBay business for over 4 years now, and we have hundreds of successful students who have gone on and created their dream life through the magic of making money on eBay.

The hundreds of hours and the quality of the information that’s gone into creating the monthly membership alone is simply priceless and ongoing.

There Has Never Been A Better Time Than Now…

It’s true. There’s never been a better time than now, for YOU to be able to compete successfully against the big companies on an equal platform and be able to carve out your own highly profitable niche.

There are literally thousands of untapped niche markets on eBay just waiting to be exploited. You can tap into markets other eBay sellers have overlooked because they won’t have had the training and support you’ll get. Not only that, with over 50,000 eBay categories to choose from, no person could possibly ever dominate this amazing opportunity.

As you can see, anyone can set up a selling account right now and start selling ‘stuff’ from around the home and make some money on eBay. But what happens when all the stuff from around the house and the garage has been sold? Where do you go from there?

And if you’re serious about getting a different outcome than you have now and possibly having an eBay business that’s hugely profitable and gives you plenty of free time as well, you’ll need to know right now, just like starting any business, there’s always an element of risk involved in starting a new business and selling on eBay is no different.

And we don’t just mean the risk of loss…what about the risk of staying where you are right now…and not taking advantage of the trail that has been blazed before you?

We have a team of real eBay experts whose full time role is to answer your email queries and questions. Our team is highly trained and all have their own profitable eBay businesses on the side. Again, you’re getting the best advice available because wehave our finger on the ‘eBay pulse’ everyday

Right now, apart from being super excited, you’re probably thinking…

 "How do I get started today?”

The Weekly Bidding Buzz Monthly Membership program Is Designed To Suit Your Every Learning Need.

Because every one learns differently and at a different pace, this course has been created so that you can learn by looking, reading watching and listening.

Join Our Simple To Use, Step-By-Step, eBay Monthly Membership Right Now And You’ll Discover Our Exact System For Making Money On eBay…All For Only $49 A Month.

It’s our exact formula that we use every day to create income on eBay. Now you can get our proven system and start making money on eBay today.

So, by now you’re probably wondering if this tiny $49 a month investment to be guided and supported by our team is worth it. Well you be the judge… Here’s what others are saying…


Amelia Making Great Profits In Just Her
Second Year On eBay… & Loving It!


We Now Ship Worldwide & Our Business Is Fully Automated And Going From Strength To Strength

Matt & Amanda,

Hi, just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your course.

We have been members since Christmas, receiving your weekly lessons, and have built a successful eBay business.

We now ship worldwide and our business is fully automated. We are now looking for a second niche. Using your search techniques and research tool we have a list of hot items to choose from.

Because we had little money to start with, we had to start with a small-ticket item and are now earning about $600 – $1000 a week

We are saving up to order a larger shipment of a bigger ticket item.

Before starting you course we had never used eBay and we are now planing our new future around it.

You were right. It is very exciting to wake up every morning and look at our PayPal account to see how much money we made while we slept.

So thanks again, love the course.

Michael & Cherie


If you’re ready to claim your life back right now, what you’re going to discover from us and our team, will allow you to make far more money than the average university trained professional and can literally set you free.

And remember… "There is nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity."

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Rosie Is Now Looking At A More Secure Retirement Income


The fact is, we know you could triple your investment back, simply by selling some unwanted stuff hanging around the house. (Once you know what you’re doing of course)

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Make Money


What will you be doing this time next year? More of the same and hoping for a different outcome, or finally enjoying the easier life you deserve?

OK where to from here?

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Matt & Amanda Clarkson

"The Magic Of Making Money On eBay”

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