Keywords Or Category Which Is More Important On eBay

This is a question we get asked all the time and I think it’s because eBay put a lot of focus onto the category you list your items in.

But what about from a customers perspective?

As far as we are concerned, success on any platform comes down to how people can actually find you amongst the competition and this is achieved by the Keywords you use in your Listing Title or web page.

If I listed an item in the right category, but failed to include the best keywords relating to my product, then people would not find my item to be able to purchase it. It wouldn’t matter what category it was in if I didn’t have the keywords to be found.

It pays to keep in mind that eBay is basically a search engine and we can only be found based on the search terms the potential customers use and if we have the matching keywords in our titles then the search engine can show the best results to the person making the search.

Of course to make all of this work now you will need to meet the criteria for being rated a Top Rated Seller on eBay, so that our items can be shown near the top of the search results.

Stay tuned for more new eBay business success tactics.

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