Keywords Are Even More Critical On eBay With eBay Product Feeds

Well the new look on eBay Australia has kicked in and it means your Listing Titles are even more critical towards your success.

So what’s new and how could it affect you?

The eBay homepage is pretty much an individual page suited to the person who uses the computer, or more specifically the browser to look at the website. Essentially eBay now know what you’ve looked at previously based on the keywords the customer types in when looking for a product.

The next stage of this change is that the user can now enter in direct Feeds so that any new or existing items for sale, with those keywords in the Title, will appear on the home page.

Statistically, the less clicks someone has to do to see an item, the more chance they will take action to place an order. By placing items they know you are interested in right on the home page, they are banking on the customer being more likely to make a buying decision.

So what this means is you will need to make sure your keywords and Titles are maximising the new system.
Of course if you have already been selling regularly you won’t want to remove an item that already has a success history for making sales. It might mean testing new listing Titles if you think you might be able to improve your results.

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