How to Take Action Consistently..

Let’s face it, we all lead busy lives. There is always something to do whether we want to do it or not. It’s too easy to get caught up in all of the daily routines of life and this can apply to any area of your life where you want to achieve something including eBay!

One of the key areas of learning how to take necessary actions consistently, is focus. Some people sit around and write and rewrite goals over and over again, and never accomplish anything. People also sit around and procrastinate and never complete anything as well. We may have all had bad patterns at some time in our lives but until we change them nothing will change.

No matter what your spending your time doing, if you don’t start taking actions and continue to wait in the blocks, you’ll never accomplish anything worthwhile.

How can you cross the barrier from just thinking about what you want to actually accomplishing it?
Firstly you need to have a few steps in place to make sure you reach your goals.  Try these steps to get your life in focus and take quick direct action for your future, remember no one else is going to want your outcome more than YOU!

1. Stop – stop what you are doing and breathe and refocus
2. Reevaluate – Are you getting results from the actions you are currently taking? if not change direction..
3. Redefine your goals – Make your goals clear, and write them down and make them Specific
4. Block out the negativity – Are the people in your life supportive and bringing you closer to your goals? If not it may be time to part ways…
5. Go to work – Start on your goals with a strong sense of purpose to bring your goals to fruition

Til next time, make sure you are taking action for your eBay business to achieve those goals you set!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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