How To Maximize Your Keywords on eBay..

The words you use in your eBay business, from the title of your listings to the descriptions to the emails you send out, will attract a certain customer who can relate to the words you use. This is a powerful concept that many people overlook.

Think about the books you have in your house. Are they the same ones your neighbors or friends have? Probably not right, because you are different people attracted to different concepts presented different ways.

So are the keywords you are using in your business attracting the customer you want?

With people’s ever shrinking attention span, your buyers are no longer searching up to three pages of information to find what they are looking for. Recent studies have shown that if your business and its products are not showing up in the top five items on the first page, then you stand to lose more than 75 percent of your market share.

One of the easiest areas on eBay to get ranked for your keywords on Google is Reviews and Guides. A review or guide is typically focused on one topic, so the content of the article will be rich in niche market keywords which are great for Google’s trawling search engines.

So many sellers are using Reviews and Guides incorrectly, that it is quite easy to pick up more traffic from your niche market than your competition. Write a review or guide on one of your products and then make sure you put a link back to that product or category in your eBay Store. Use keyrich words in your Title and every 100 words or so in your body of text to grab even more traffic from Google to your eBay store.

Maximising the use of your keywords can attract even more traffic than what eBay offers you, so make sure you use all avenues open to you to stay leaps ahead of your competition.

Til next time, have fun making money on eBay.


Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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