How To Make The Most Of The Christmas Sales..

Now that Summer is upon us and Christmas nearing, the retail stores are full to the brim with customers as is eBay with people looking for bargains for their Summer holidays and Chrissie presents. Now to make sure you are targeting shoppers the best you can, here are a few pointers to make sure you are part of the sales this December and January.

Be attentive to the buyers’ need for shortened auction durations such as a five or three day listing. These are the sorts of listings that usually entice buyers to bid on or buy your items, knowing they can wrap up business quickly rather than wait out a seven day or even those long 10 day stints.

Don’t forget the power of a Buy It Now listing. This can help those particularly impatient buyers to grab your goods immediately.

Consider also straddling the holiday, enabling shoppers to find your goods before, during and after the day has passed. By this method, you’ll be more apt to catch the attention of shoppers who browse before the holiday, those who might find some shopping time during the holiday and those who will resume their online shopping after a holiday has passed.

Holiday shoppers are also often in need of fast service. Help take the stress out of their shopping by accepting instant payment, e.g., Paypal, credit cards or other online payment methods, so the transaction can be completed in minutes.

Then, consider offering special shipping services to these buyers (such as Express Mail) if the goods need to be received before a holiday or whilst they are on holidays. The availability of easy payment and fast shipping options could determine whether a buyer will purchase from you or shop elsewhere.

Lastly just as the retail venues seek to clear out holiday leftovers, so too should you, cater to the online post holiday shopper. After a holiday passes, sellers can typically find a resurgence of buyers still interested in holiday related goods or pick up a bargain for next year’s holiday, so make sure you keep your customer service going over the Christmas break as the sales may just keep coming in!

Til next time, have a great eBay week!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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