How Social Media Can Make You More Sales On eBay!

Every single day millions of people go to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs to interact with others who share their interests. When they see something they like, they share it instantly with their friends, who then go ahead and share it with their friends, making it a very fast way to communicate. Stories have been told of how messages have been sent out to hundreds of thousands of people in just hours. So if this is the case why wouldn’t we tap into this powerful network and promote our eBay business?

Social media is a very efficient and modern way to communicate with your customers and to attract new buyers; the great thing is it isn’t difficult or costly however it does require some knowledge and planning. Social media is mostly free—no monthly fees, no subscriptions. Just set up an account for your business and start posting and responding to your customers’ posts. Here’s a few tips though when your using social media to promote your eBay business:

Always evaluate the tools before you start. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and YouTube have different attributes and attract different audiences. In a nutshell, Facebook is for staying in touch, Twitter is for “breaking news,” blogs are for telling the story, and YouTube is for videos. Do some research and see where your target market is before you decide which is right for you and your business.

Contribute to your customers conversations. Think about how you can communicate with your market and try and keep your presence fresh. You should try to create unique posts several times a week, and respond quickly to comments from your online friends and followers.

Pace yourself. Start with one channel and build up your presence. Social media can be a valuable tool to enable online commerce, but it’s important to focus your efforts on those activities that are most likely to provide a good return on your time investment.

Social media may not give instant results but stick with it and utilise all the tools available to you. There’s many way to promote your eBay business depending on what channel you take such as, News and updates, discounts for retweeting, using facebook polls, competitions, auctions and many more. Social media is the way of the future and using it to promote your business is a very smart strategy…so jump on board!

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Matt and Amanda Clarkson


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