Google +1 Feature Could Be A Game Changer Again!

Google have once again shown how prepared they are to keep on the cutting edge of the online Search with the new +1 Feature.
Essentially users would have the ability of actually voting on websites while still on Google and adding to the experience based on their feedback.
It will work similar to the Like button Facebook but will be integrated into the worlds largest search engine.

Now if you’ve been selling on eBay for a while like we have, you already understand the power of ¬†giving and receiving feedback for interacting and doing business.
Well imagine a world where every website can be rated by their customers and the experience they’ve had with a company or organisation.

This will give the average company and website a good shake up especially if you’re getting graded every time someone finds you in the search engines, or not.

It seems no matter how modern things are getting technically…it still comes down to good old fashioned customer service and and word of mouth.

How cool is it that we get to be part of this evolution? Especially if you plan on delivering what people expect and making a great business in the meantime.
What do you think of the new idea from Google?


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