Free Shipping To Earn 5 Stars…

A few years after eBay introduced its controversial star based seller rating system, eBay have fixed one of the problems with the Detailed Seller Ratings that most troubled sellers: the fact that buyers could still downgrade them based on shipping cost, even if shipping was free.

So now if sellers offer free shipping on their listing they automatically receive 5 stars for shipping. Free shipping attracts buyers, and this important new protection for sellers will ensure that DSR scores for shipping cost will not receive a score of less than 5 if buyers choose free shipping.

To qualify for an automatic 5-star rating, the listing must offer a free shipping option and the buyer must choose the free shipping option during payment. Additionally, sellers must offer a verifiable payment method (meaning, one of eBay’s approved electronic payment methods), and use either eBay Checkout or a third-party checkout system that provides full post back information.

You can start integrating free postage into your listings and make sure you have the postage cost included in your price so you aren’t losing money. This will also rate you higher with the Best Match Criteria, so win win if you offer Free shipping !

Have a great eBay weekend.

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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