Feedback Scores, Stars & Your Reputation…

Feedback is made up of comments and ratings left by other eBay members you’ve bought from and sold to. These comments and ratings are valuable indicators of your reputation as a buyer or seller on eBay.

The Feedback Score is one of the most important pieces of a Feedback Profile. It’s the number in brackets next to a member’s user ID and is also located at the top of the Feedback Profile. Next to the Feedback Score, you may also see a star. ..

The higher the Feedback Score, the more positive ratings a member has received. As your Feedback Score increases, your star will change color accordingly. In addition to the Feedback Score, you’ll see other numbers on the Feedback Profile page, this includes positive feedback, recent feedback ratings and Detailed Seller Ratings(DSR), which provide more details about this member’s performance as a seller. Five stars is the highest rating, and one star is the lowest.

Now in accordance with Best Match the Detailed Sellers Ratings make a difference on where your listing will sit in the search results. If you are getting low 1’s or 2’s your listing will appear lower in the search results than another seller that might be getting 5 stars for their DSR’s.

To check what your ratings are like, you can click into your Seller Dashboard (if you have subscribed to Selling Manager Pro) you will be able to see how many ratings and what the average number for each rating is like and if you need to work on any to lift your search rankings.

Feedback is an important part of your eBay business and you need to pay close attention to it to make sure you are getting the most eyes on your listings, if your listings drop it may not be because of the competition it may be because of your DSR’s!

Til next time, have a profitable eBay weekend!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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