Enhancements to Feedback and Buyer Protection Coming To AUS Next Year

Important updates are coming soon to eBay’s Feedback, seller standards, and Buyer Protection systems—updates designed to ensure that your seller performance ratings are a true reflection of the great service you provide.

Updates to Feedback

When eBay know you delivered fast and free shipping on a transaction, they’ll make sure your rating reflects that. They’ll also make sure you can easily report your experience with the buyer to eBay.

Automatic 5-star DSRs for free and fast shipping:

  • When you offer free shipping and we know the buyer chose that option, the buyer will not be able leave a score less than 5 stars for shipping cost.
  • Starting in November (US Only), buyers will not be able to leave a score less than 5 stars for shipping time when:
    1. You specified 1-day handling
    2. You uploaded tracking information by the end of the next business day Pacific Time after the buyer’s payment clears.
    3. Delivery Confirmation or tracking shows confirmed delivery 4 business days from when the payment clears or within your estimated delivery time if it’s less than 4 days (for example, Overnight shipping).

Making it easier to report your experience with the buyer

  • Starting in November (US Only), you’ll have access to a streamlined reporting hub to share with eBay your full experience with a buyer. You’ll also find links to the reporting hub in more places, including the Feedback flow, Feedback Forum, your Seller Dashboard and the seller information page in the eBay Buyer Protection hub.
  • The information you provide through the reporting hub won’t be public or visible to buyers, but eBay will use the information to help identify and take action against buyers who break the rules or abuse the system. They may be suspended or placed on restriction and their feedback and Buyer Protection cases removed from your account.
  • Starting in November (US Only), you’ll also get a report on your seller dashboard showing the number of times negative Feedback, low DSRs, and Buyer Protection cases are removed from your account due to your reporting and eBay’s detection methods.

Item Condition and delivery dates in the Feedback flow

  • Starting in November (US Only), when buyers go to leave feedback, along with your estimated delivery time and—if you uploaded tracking and the actual delivery date, buyers will also see your specified item condition.

eBay are listening to buyers for a change because of all the sellers leaving the platform because they are unhappy with the way eBay has implemented a lot of changes for the sellers and not buyers. This could be a positive thing for the sellers and hopefully eBay will be quick to implement the new changes in Australia…

Til next time, have a great eBay weekend!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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