Encyclopedia Britannica Gives Traditional Retail A Great Lesson In Adapting

Modern technology is changing the face of everything we do every day.
Encyclopedia Britannica has been selling printed versions of it’s encyclopedias for literally 244 years and they finally stopped the printing press last week.
This is such an amazing breakthrough and no less exciting than the changes that traditional businesses are having to make right now if they want to remain current and profitable into the future.
Every day we are speaking with business owners who are still too frightened of changing and are heading towards didaster, sadly they just can’t see it.
If it’s good enough for a company who has been doing the same thing for hundreds of years to change and go online, then wouldn’t you think it’s a smart lesson we can all learn from?
If you are still offline and wandering what the hell you are going to do…look to the internet there’s heaps of ways you can change and adapt.
Oh’ and of course make sure you keep eBay in mind as a solution too! 😉

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