eBay’s New Customer Support Portal

eBay has recently launched a new customer support portal to make it much easier for you to access help and have your questions answered more quickly. As part of this upgrade eBay has also enhanced the customer experience by making phone support available for all Australian customers.

Through the new portal you will be able to:

  • Use the ‘Contact us’ button to telephone, email or chat with the customer support team
  • Get an immediate answer to a question by asking your question in the search field or choosing from one of the top 5 most frequently asked questions
  • Live chat with eBay’s virtual agent

To access the new customer support portal, simply click the ‘Customer Support’ link at the top right hand corner of your eBay screen when you first get to the eBay website and it will take you to this link below:



Please let us know what your experience is like and if you feel this communication system works better than what eBay had before.

Til next time, have fun making money on eBay.


Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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