eBay’s Automation Preferences Have Changed!

eBay has sprung a surprise change on us today and changed Automation Preferences in Selling Manager Pro completely! If you have checked your eBay today you may not have noticed anything different however we it comes to sending personalised emails to buyers this is an option you no longer have.

So if you wanted to send a buyer a email with a tracking number it’s not as easy as just pressing the email buyer button anymore, you will have to find the contact buyer button and send through your personalised email.


eBay’s reasoning behind the move to take communication out of the sellers hands was that a portion of sellers were doing the wrong thing in their email templates to buyers plus they wanted all emails sent by sellers to be uniform, which is not great for us as this was a great way to show more customer service. It has been advised now that if you have extra information you need to send the buyer you will either need to use the contact the buyer button or include extra information in your listings.

The new area for these emails eBay are now in control of, is in your My eBay area. If you hover your mouse over the account section, you will see a drop down box that has Manage Communications with Buyers, you will need to click on this to see eBay’s system for sending out the emails on your behalf.

If you had any email templates set up to send out to buyers these have all been deleted by eBay and it Automation Preferences you will no longer see any emails that you or eBay send out.

It isn’t clear if eBay will change anything else in Automation Preferences however keep an eye on your the News area in eBay under Communications to see if eBay post anything new that will change soon.


Til next time, keep making money and having fun on eBay.


Matt & Amanda Clarkson


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