eBay Trials New Shopping Cart On The US eBay Site

eBay has introduced a shopping cart in the US and the UK that will let shoppers buy fixed-price and auction-style listings from multiple sellers.

Here’s how the shopping cart can make shopping on eBay simpler:

  • You can compare before you checkout
  • You can add several items to your cart to compare prices, and to see your total cost of your purchase before you check out.
  • You can pay many sellers with one payment

If you have items from several sellers in your cart and the sellers all accept the same payment method (such as PayPal), you can pay for all the items with one payment, instead of checking out several times. You can also pay for auctions that you have won or Best Offer items with other items in your cart.

For most items, you’re not committed to buy until you pay and when you have an item in your cart, you haven’t committed to buy it and the seller hasn’t committed to deliver it until you pay for your purchases. You are however, still committed to buy and pay for auction items that you won, and best offer items when the seller has accepted your offer.

You can check it out by going to:


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