eBay Opens Up More Categories On AUS Platform

From this month eBay has opened up a number of different categories to a greater proportion of relevant listings from eBay.com and eBay.co.uk.

These changes will initially be implemented across a variety of categories where:

  • There are inventory gaps
  • Australian buyers already have a high rate of purchasing from overseas-based sellers

The primary reason for this change is to attract and retain more buyers to and on eBay.com.au by providing a broader selection of products. These categories that have been opened up haven’t yet been disclosed to sellers as yet however you may see a difference in your category.

Australian consumers are buying more online yet local ecommerce sellers do not offer full product ranges online to enable shoppers to find what they are looking for locally.  Hence buyers are turning to overseas websites.

Displaying relevant listings from the UK and US will increase the likelihood shoppers will find what they are looking for on eBay.com.au, and continue to shop and buy from eBay.com.au sellers.

The change also assists eBay sellers by allowing sellers to list once and sell in multiple countries, without incurring additional Listing Fees and without duplication of effort.

eBay will also be incorporating additional messaging for overseas purchases. This will help buyers to identify when they are purchasing items which are of overseas origin and providing them with additional information to consider when buying internationally.  This is aimed at improving buyer experience. 

What does this mean for Australian based sellers?
Australian-based sellers have a number of competitive advantages. These include:

  • According to Forrester research commissioned by PayPal, Australians prefer buying from Australian sellers*
  • Local Sellers have a geographic advantage in offering faster and in many cases cheaper shipping.
  • Local Sellers have the ability to allow pick-up, and to process returns more quickly and cost effectively
  • As more sites include by default in search results listings from other eBay sites, such as eBay.com or eBay.co.uk, – Australian sellers offering international purchase and shipping can benefit from more buyers viewing your listings!

Til next time, keep making money on eBay!


Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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