eBay Launches New Mobile Feature With Image Recognition

Exciting things are happening in eBay at the moment. Shortly they will integrate image recognition to its mobile service, opening up new ways people can shop for items that they are looking for.
The news comes from eBay CEO John Donahoe who revealed the plan on Wednesday to the press. According to the eBay CEO, the company will integrate the new feature to its mobile service by the end of this year.

How the new eBay feature works is that a user who sees something they like, can snap a photo of the item for further research on eBay.

The user than run’s the image through an eBay application which will then perform image recognition on the photo to match it with items currently listed on the eBay marketplace.

According to the news organisation, eBay has not revealed yet whether the new image recognition feature will work on the whole eBay marketplace or on specific items first after its launch.  Either way the future of eBay is looking very exciting and we can’t wait to use this new feature!

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