eBay Launches New Link Policy…Do Your Listings Comply?

All eBay sellers have until the 1st of October to update their listings to remove any links or e-mail addresses.

If your listings don’t comply with the new eBay policy they will fail to post and relist. The 1st of October effective date applies to new listings and re-lists however Good Til Cancelled listings have until early next year to comply.

This policy is meant to protect buyers and keep them in the eBay marketplace. All sellers need to be aware that the policy does apply to both clickable and non-clickable links. eBay feels that “Too often, buyers are being directed off eBay to make purchases that are not protected by eBay Buyer Protection”. They feel that everything a buyer needs to know about the item should be present in the listing without ever having to leave eBay for more information.

Though editing your listings might sound overwhelming, we would strongly suggest making these changes immediately as, if your listings do contain any email addresses or links they will be pulled down which may result in you losing money.

So spend the next few days making sure your listings comply with the policy and put in any additional info that you think you buyers may need as they can no longer visit pages outside of eBay to read up on your item and convince them into the sale.

Just another way that we can become the best on eBay by having very detailed litings!


Until next time,


Matt and Amanda Clarkson

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