eBay Introduces Top Rated Seller…Time To Step It Up!

As of today eBay has introduced ‘eBay Top Rated Seller’ on eBay.com.au to recognise and reward PowerSellers who consistently provide their customers with excellent service.

The introduction of eBay Top Rated Seller on the Australian site is part of an ongoing drive to improve the quality of service offered by sellers on eBay. By highlighting sellers who offer the best service, buyers than feel more confident about buying online, making them more likely to return, helping to increase overall sales on the site.

Sellers who qualify for the eBay Top Rated Seller program enjoy Prominent badging on all listing and improved search standing which means increased search exposure on their fixed price Listings in Best Match search results.

The easiest way to find out whether you’re close to qualifying for eBay Top Rated Seller status is by visiting your seller dashboard. You’ll be able to see how your currently performing and how to improve your DSR’s to become at top rated seller.

If you’re an eBay Top Rated Seller on eBay.com.au, you will automatically qualify as an eBay Top-rated seller in Canada, France and Italy. The US, UK and Germany have their own program requirements based on your transactions with buyers in those countries.

You may notice from now on that eBay is retiring the PowerSeller logo from the ‘View Item’ page – but not retiring the service. What this means is that a seller can still be a PowerSeller and will be able to see that status on their dashboard but logo will disappear from near the user i.d so buyers will no longer see if the seller is a PowerSeller. The logo will be replaced with the eTRs badge, which will display if the seller is an eTRs.

These changes come as eBay has found that buyers want a better way of identifying sellers who provide a high quality service and great retail experience. eBay believes that eTRs is a better way for buyers to know which sellers deliver an excellent service, as opposed to using a purely volume-based program such as PowerSeller.

To qualify as an eBay Top-rated seller, you need to:

  • Meet all the quality requirements for the PowerSeller program
  • Meet the sales volume requirements for Top-rated seller status: 100 transactions and $3,000 in GMV over the past 12 months
  • Have no more than the maximum allowed instances of 1s and 2s on all DSR’s from Australian Buyer. The maximum number of times an eBay Top Rated Seller can receive a low DSR rating is 2, or 0.6% of total transactions, whichever is higher in a 12-month period.

What this means for you and your eBay business is that eBay are now wanting to determine who the serious players really are. They are encourgaing professional sellers on eBay who can provide the best possible service to all customers.  So this the time to turn it up a notch and really see how and where you can improve your business to qualify for top rated seller and increase your sales as we quickly move up to one the busiest time on eBay Christmas!

So let’s step up in our eBay businesses and be the best we can be!

Until Next time,

Matt and Amanda Clarkson.

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