eBay Fee Structure Is Changing

eBay is trialling fee changes on eBay.com.au that will include free insertion fees on all fixed price (Buy It Now) Anchored Store listings. These changes are designed to reward Anchored Store sellers, and encourage business and professional sellers to meet the growing demand for fixed price items and remain competitive.

Sales in fixed price formats are driving the growth in ecommerce and especially on eBay. As more retailers compete for a share of online sales in primarily fixed price formats, businesses must remain competitive in this retail landscape.

For eBay that means having more professional sellers using buy it now format in their store. From 22 September 2011, the following changes to Store fees on eBay.com.au will take effect:

  • eBay is trialling pricing changes that will include free insertion fees on all fixed price listings for anchored.
  • Free to list in fixed price – you can list your entire inventory in Buy It Now for free!
  • No up-front cost and zero risk – by using standard listing features you only pay as your inventory sells
  • Final value fees for Auctions will increase-Final value fees for Auction listings will be the same as Buy It Now listings, encouraging more Store sellers to use multiple item fixed price listings. As a result, fixed price listings will offer better value when selling on eBay and enable you to tap into fast-growing consumer demand for Buy It Now   
  • Fixed price (Buy It Now) final value fees will remain the same (inc Media categories) to encourage more fixed price items on eBay.com.au and help you meet customer demand

The main changes will be in relation to fixed price format. Auctions are still important and relevant today but are better suited to casual sellers listing items with an undetermined value.

Businesses on eBay still using Auctions as their main listing format can now better cater for the overwhelming customer demand for fixed price items. The fee changes are designed to encourage business and professional sellers to meet this demand and remain competitive by listing with Buy It Now.

Familiarise yourself with all the fee structure whether you’re a casual seller on eBay or you’re a professional serious seller you need to know how the fee changes will apply to you, as there are terms and conditions that apply. For more information and to see the FAQ’s in relation to the fee changes please see the link below:


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