eBay Changes Coming in September 2011

From 22 September 2011, eBay is making some changes to Store fees on eBay.com.au. These changes are designed to encourage business and professional sellers to meet the growing demand for fixed price items and to remain competitive.
Sales in fixed price formats are driving the growth in ecommerce both on and off eBay. As more retailers compete for a share of online sales in primarily fixed price formats, businesses must remain competitive in this increasingly crowded retail landscape.

For eBay that means having more business and professional sellers with a Store listing in Buy It Now. Final value fees for Auctions will increase to be the same as Buy It Now listings, encouraging more Store sellers to use multiple item fixed price listings, which offer better value when selling on eBay and tap into fast growing consumer demand for Buy It Now.

Changes to Non-Store Fees

Eligible sellers will be able to list up to 30 single quantity listings per month in any format with zero insertion fees (excludes Powersellers, Stores or sellers registered as a business on eBay)

Final value fees will increase from 5.25% to 7.9%, capped at $49.95 for each of the first 30 listings per month

Insertion fees remain as they are today for sellers who have exceeded the monthly 30 free insertion fee limit as well as PowerSellers, Store holders and sellers registered as a business on eBay, with no cap or sliding scale on the new final value fee of 7.9%

Introducing eBay Top Rated Seller
From September 2011, eBay will introduce eBay Top Rated Sellers on eBay.com.au to recognise and reward PowerSellers who consistently provide their customers with excellent service.

How it works

Sellers who qualify for eBay Top Rated Seller status will get increased visibility with a boost in search results and a prominent badge, which could help to increase sales.

Even if you don’t sell in large volumes, as long as you meet the requirements of the program, you may qualify as an eBay Top Rated Seller.

Featured Plus! to retire
From 22 September 2011, the price of Featured Plus (the extra marketing option to appear at the top of the page) will be $49.95 for all listings up to a 14 day duration and will be $149.95 for Good Til Cancelled and 30 day listings. Eventually, Featured Plus will be removed as an option for all sellers as Best Match is eBay’s preferred mechanism for enabling more relevant and popular items to appear at the top of search results…

Lastly from the first week in September 2011, listing titles on eBay.com will increase from 55 characters to 80. A good title is key to establishing the relevance of your listing to a buyer’s search—and some products require more words than others to get in front of the right buyers.

As we have written about in the last coming months you can start to see the changes of eBay’s face evolving to be more like Amazon where everything is geared towards what the seller is after and we have to wait and see just what other changes eBay may bring in the next 6 months.

Til next time, keep having fun making money on eBay!

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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