eBay Acquire Retail Giant To Increase Their Growth…

eBay has found its way into a new retail identity, agreeing to buy GSI Commerce an online services company so it can affiliating with the big retailers to get orders out for them!

The move shows eBay is trying to take on rivals like Amazon.com while trying to stop upstarts like Groupon, the hugely popular coupon website in the US.

With GSI, eBay can expand beyond its network of small power sellers to connect with large retailers. GSI helps manage the Web sites and online marketing campaigns for Toys “R” Us among others, and its services include payment processing, order management and customer service.

GSI’s seven warehouses, for example, can stock a retailer’s merchandise and ship and track products easily.  With this new acquisition eBay can cross-sell GSI services to eBay sellers so they don’t have to handle the job for themselves or turn to competitors like Amazon.

Eventually, eBay’s core marketplace could also serve as an outlet for GSI’s large retailers if they need to get rid of surplus inventory instead of only using their retail outlets to move their excess stock…Very interesting times ahead on eBay!

eBay US will see much of the changes before it moves to Australia and we will be able to be prepared for anything major:)


Until next time, keep making money on eBay!


Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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