Duplicate Listing Policy To Take Effect On eBay US..

Effective October 26th in the US on ebay.com, the new Duplicate Listing policy will help prevent search results from being dominated by multiple duplicate listings of the same item from the same seller, and improve exposure for great listings from many more sellers.

This policy is not yet been introduced to Australia and we haven’t yet received a warning about it coming but as we know changes made to the US platform make their way to Australia soon after. So just in preparation here are some pointers on what to look for in a duplicate listing and how to change them.

What is considered a duplicate listing?
Any listing for an item that is not significantly different from the item in another one of your listings will be considered a duplicate.

How does eBay determine if an item or listing is a duplicate?
Here is a sample list of some of the attributes considered collectively to determine if items and listings are significantly different from one another:

1. Price
2. Color
3. Size
4. Compatibility
5. Use or purpose
6. Quantity (selling a set verses an individual)
7. Item Specifics
8. Title
9. Description
10. Item Condition
11. Photos

What is considered a significant difference?
A difference is considered significant when it addresses a significantly different user need or offers a significantly different value to buyer. The difference must be reflected in the listing, for example in the title, price, or photo.

For example, the following items would be considered significantly different:

* Box of 10 envelopes vs. box of 100 envelopes
* Set of 2 tires vs. set of 4 tires
* New iPod vs. refurbished iPod

What is not considered a significant difference?
Items that would not be considered significantly different include situations where a) the item is identical, b) the item is identical but the listing is changed to appear different, or c) the items are nearly identical and do not serve sufficiently different buyer needs. For example:

* Listings in which an item of insignificant value was added

o New Dell Latitude laptop with a pen vs. New Dell Latitude laptop with a mouse pad
o Box of 10 envelopes vs. box of 11 of the same envelopes

* Separate listings of generic or universal items that fit most products versus items that are made to fit only a few specific brands or models:

o HDMI cable for Blu-ray vs. HDMI cable for Dell monitor
o Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries for wireless mouse vs. Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries for TV remote control

Til next time, make sure your Store is ready for when these big changes hit ebay.com.au.

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

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